Independently strong, unstoppable together.

We Are The Leap: A Community Where Women Thrive

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What if, a community existed where you could show up for support, professional and personal development, collaboration, problem solving and YOU. Not as a CEO, or manager, or mom, or wife or daughter, or superwoman, but simply as you. And that would be enough.

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Imagine there was a professional community of women built on the principle that we are strong as individuals, and unstoppable together. A lifetime community that you could return to and trust, dedicated to helping you grow through anxiety, imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs and barriers to your success...

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Envison a leadership network built on empathy, compassion and collaboration that would help guide your journey and make you the leader of your own life.

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We're with you. Because we've been there. That's why we're coming together, and bringing together, the very best of those who have been there too and successfully made the leap. 

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